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Bibury Trout Farm (2024 update)

Updated: Mar 12

This place is one of many in the Costwolds that are on our “Family friendly” list. Having said that, many people without children would find this place delightful and well worth a visit.

Located right in the centre of Bibury, the Trout Farm will become a highlight of your day.

Landscaped as a Nature Reserve with the River Coln streaming through, the farm is a very pleasant place for a stroll: honey coloured gravel paths, cute bridges, mini-lakes full of trout, lush greenery and pretty cottage garden flowers…

Don’t forget to buy a bag or two of fish food: the trout are literally waiting for you to throw a handful of granules in water and will go absolutely crazy trying to munch as much as possible.

When that very important “feeding the trout” task is accomplished, little children can enjoy an onsite playground or a Crazy Golf course whilst parents are laying down a picnic. Picnics are very welcome at the Trout Farm as long as you don’t share it with the fish, and dispose all your rubbish into the rubbish bins provided.

In fact, Bibury Trout farm is a perfect place for a picnic or even a barbecue! It has a picnic area with benches and parasols, a few brick-built barbecues with tables and benches, some of them are equipped with gazebos. These barbecues need to be booked in advance due to the high demand. Please note that the farm does not allow customers to bring their own barbecues.

If the idea of a picnic or barbecue doesn’t appeal to you, there is a Farm Café on site serving light meals, sandwiches, drinks and cakes.

For older children, the most interesting part of the Farm undoubtedly would be the “Catch Your Own” Fishery, which is open from March to October. Aimed at beginners rather than serious fishing enthusiasts, this experience is a lot of fun. The catch is pretty much guaranteed even if you’ve never held a fishing rod before.

The Fishery has a few dedicated fishing places as well as a pretty, little island - feel free to move around as long as you stay inside the “Catch Your Own” area.

All participants will be given a short briefing and all necessary equipment including fishing rods, landing nets, a bucket for your catch and some bait (£3 per set).

Now the important rule of the Fishery: all fish have to be killed as soon as they are caught. They cannot be returned back to the water and should not suffer slow suffocation. If you're uncomfortable with this, we advise you not to participate. If you feel OK in principle but unsure if you could kill the fish, don’t worry - there is always a member of staff on hand who will be happy to help you.

All catches are weighed on-site and charged at £11.50 per kilo. Just to give you an idea: we caught 3 large fish and paid £20.

Then it’s entirely up to you what you want to do with your catch. You can get it packed and take it home…..

Or you can have it cleaned for a small fee (£1 per fish), no charge if you come equipped and do it yourself – and barbecue right there! The Fishery sells disposable barbecues which can be used in the Fishery’s communal area equipped with tables and benches.

For a hint of exclusivity – hire one of the brick-build barbecues for the perfect alfresco dining experience! You are more than welcome to bring your food to complement the fish.

The farm has its own smokery where trout is smoked using traditional methods with salt and hardwood chips. You can buy smoked or chilled trout from the Farm Shop which is also a great place to browse for some local souvenirs and produce.

Here are some tips for you to help planning your visit:

Bibury Trout Farm is open all year round, opening times vary depending on the season.

“Catch Your Own” Fishery is open late March – October on weekends 10:00 - 17:00, all bank holidays and daily during Gloucestershire state school holidays.

You don’t need to book your admission or “Catch Your Own” experience in advance, just turn up.

If you travel by car: there is a car park near the entrance on Arlington Rd. Parking is free when you pay your admission to the farm (the car registration number needs to be entered on a cashier’s monitor).

If you are planning to hire one of the brick-built barbecues, book it in advance on their website. It also has to be pre-paid online.

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