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Daylesford Organic - an exquisite shopping experience

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Following up our blog article about great farm shops in the North Cotswolds, we decided to introduce you to another farm shop in the area, which delivers a totally unique, and - may I say - unforgettable experience for most of us.

In fact, the farm shop is only a part of the whole business whose philosophy is based on working in an alliance with nature.

Daylesford Organic's Heart Sign
Welcome to Daylesford Organic in the Cotswolds!

Just a 20-minutes drive from Graziers Cottage and only 10 minutes from the market town Stow-on-the-Wold, Daylesford Organic is a Cotswold-based ethical producer of organic food, and sustainably bred and grown animals. All produce comes from Daylesford Farm which grows over 300 varieties of seasonal organic fruit, vegetables, salad leaves and herbs, grass pastured beef, lamb, venison and poultry. When the produce is ready for consumption, it is then sold through Daylesford Farm's shop or is used for cooking at The Cookery School and Daylesford-owned restaurants in the Cotswolds and London.

Farm shop visitors are met with an impressive display of fresh fruit and veg by the entrance door and then wowed by the sheer scale of the shop, jam-packed with the highest quality produce which comes from the own Creamery, Bakery, Kitchens or sourced from local artisan producers or organic sustainable producers further afield.

Slowly browse through bread, cakes and pastries, a massive ready-meal and deli counter, and impressive butchers and fishmongers counter...

Visit the cheese room to see if anything tempts you, take a look at a Wall of dairy, progress to a Zero Waste pantry, a wine cellar, teas and coffees, superfoods and supplements – you can find here pretty much anything for any taste or dietary requirement!

Great attention is paid to eco-friendly packaging made from organic materials. As an example, pasta, cereals and sundries are dispensed from large dispensers to your own containers or small paper bags. If you forgot to bring your carrier bags, your shopping will be packed into sturdy bags made of recycled paper.

Following the Farm shop layout, you will find yourself in the Home shop which offers a wide range of exquisite and carefully selected textiles, glassware, crockery and cutlery, home decor items, cleaning products, and organic skincare.

Cross over the pretty landscaped courtyard, and you will enter the Garden shop where you’ll find freshly cut flowers and potted plants, garden tools and ornaments. Don’t forget to visit the upper level where you can browse the latest trends of outdoor furniture.

Feeling peckish? Not a problem as there’s a café, a restaurant and a bar on-site, whether you fancy just a drink or are ready for a full meal.

No need to rush, just come and enjoy the experience at your own pace.

Farm Shop Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday: 8am – 8pm Sunday: 10am – 4pm

How to get there:

Daylesford (near Kingham)


GL56 0YG

There is ample free parking for customers.

Directions from Graziers Cottage to Daylesford Organic
Daylesford Organic is only 20 min drive from Graziers Cottage


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