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Ford to Temple Guiting Walk (2024 update)

Updated: Mar 12

One of the easiest (but nevertheless prettiest) walks in the area starts right at Graziers Cottage’s doorstep.

This walk will take you to the neighbouring village of Temple Guiting via four lush, green fields. There’s no gradient or stiles along the way, just a few sets of gates. The path is partially grassy, partially earth (a bit muddy and slippery when wet), then tarmacked as soon as you reach Temple Guiting.

Part of the path leading through a green "tunnel"
Part of the path leading through a green "tunnel"

Walk from the cottage to the road through the little gate and turn right. Pass The Plough Inn and carry on along the road. Be extra careful where the road bends as it is a blind corner. You might consider it a safer option to cross the road before The Plough, pass it by on the opposite side of the road and only then cross the road back again.

Public path along the road
Public path along the road

Continue walking on a narrow path along the road for approx. 100 yards, until you see a sign for a Public Footpath “Winchcombe Way”. Follow the sign until you reach a kissing gate leading to the field.

Turn right from here and walk along the hedge which borders the field from the River Windrush. At the bottom of the field, you would need to pass the last set of gates on your way.

Carry on walking along the hedge passing two more fields, until you reach the outskirts of Temple Guiting. A quiet lane with picture-postcard cottages on both sides will take you to the main street with The Manor on your right.

Before you head back, have a little wander around the village as it dates back in history to the Doomsday Book where it was recorded as Getinge. In the 12th century, the village (including The Manor) was given to the Knights Templar and became Temple Guiting. Visit St.Mary’s Church which was built by the Knights and rebuilt in Georgian style in the 19th century. A Templar cross can be found amongst the church’s stone carvings.

Quiet village road
Quiet village road

Walk from Ford to Temple Guiting and back

Level: easy

Distance: approx.. 1 mile

This walk is best enjoyed in dry weather as it takes you mainly through the fields.

Map of the walk from Graziers Cottage



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