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Creating Lasting Memories: Solo, Couples, and Family Photography in the Cotswolds

Updated: Jun 25

Whether you are visiting the Cotswolds to celebrate a special occasion or to explore the area, there’s no doubt you will be impressed by its sheer beauty. The lush-green rolling hills, bluebell woods, poppy fields, medieval market towns and villages, and charming honey-coloured stone cottages entwined with roses fill your heart with joy and compel you to capture the moment with your phone or camera.

A car driving through Broadway Village
Driving through the Cotswolds

But what happens to those photographs afterwards? We love sharing beautiful moments with friends on social media, but then megabytes of pictures are stored in the cloud and rarely looked at again.

Capturing Precious Moments

A great way to preserve cherished memories is to have personal or family photography done by a professional photographer and showcase your pictures on the walls. There are many reasons why hiring a professional is better than “do-it-yourself” or “ask-a-friend” options. Besides the obvious benefits of the highest quality equipment, experience, expertise, professional editing, and high-resolution end products, the most important reasons are:

  • knowledge of the Cotswolds and its most photogenic spots;

  • all of you will be in the photographs;

  • you’ll be captured at your best.

How to Find a Professional Photographer in the Cotswolds

Finding a photographer should not be a problem: start by searching through local groups on social media or ask me, I can put you in contact with a few. Once you have selected some photographers, ask what they offer:

  • where you can see samples of their work;

  • proposed locations for photoshoots;

  • their charges (hiring a photographer in the Cotswolds is affordable, with prices starting from £50 per hour);

  • how many pictures are included in the package;

  • how long it takes to receive the post-production images.

The Most Photographed and Instagrammable Places in the Cotswolds

If you are staying at Graziers Cottage, located in the North Cotswolds, here are some nearby places perfect for photographs:

  • Cotswold Lavender (July – early August);

  • Confetti Fields (usually 10 days in July);

  • Broadway Tower;

  • Snowshill;

  • St. Edmund’s Church at Stow-on-the-Wold;

  • Bourton-on-the-Water along the River Windrush;

  • Lower Slaughter around the Old Mill;

  • The ford at Upper Slaughter;

  • The Steam Railway at Toddington;

  • Stanway Viaduct.

Tips on How to Prepare for the Photoshoot

  • Wear weather-appropriate clothes: If you are cold and uncomfortable, it will be difficult to relax during the session, and this will be shown in the photographs.

  • Plain clothes are better than patterns: Try to avoid large prints, logos, and brand names when choosing your outfit.

  • Empty your pockets: This ensures a crisp look in the photos.

  • Coordinate your outfits: For family or group photoshoots, avoid different styles and non-coordinated colours. Cohesion is key to a great shoot. Unless you are taking photos at Cotswold Lavender or the Confetti Fields, pastel-coloured or earthy-toned clothes work wonders.

What If It Rains on the Day of Your Photoshoot?

Don’t worry, we are in England! The weather here is so changeable that there will likely be some sunshine at some point. However, it’s a good idea to bring umbrellas. You are welcome to use the dome-shaped umbrellas with colourful linings provided for guests at Graziers—they will look funky in the pictures. Also, bring spare clothes and shoes.

Try not to get upset about the rain. A professional photographer in the Cotswolds knows how to make the best of rainy shoots, ensuring you get unique and memorable photographs of your holiday.

A woman and a child under umbrella on a lavender field
Rainy shoot at Cotswold Lavender

And Finally – Relax

A professional photographer will gently guide you through the whole experience, helping you find the best poses and actions to capture your emotions. All you need to do is be yourself and enjoy your memory-making day!

© All photographs are courtesy of Nigel Wood Photographs


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Jul 04

This is such a good idea! And a very valid point that ‘all of you will be in the picture’. I really wish I had more family photos with myself in tbh… over the years I’ve always been the one taking them. It’s so great that you can recommend photographers local to the holiday cottage too.

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